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ZHEJIANG ERHUI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, it's Original name is Taizhou City Huangyan Huaping Household Appliances Co.,Ltd, which was founded in 1992. In March, 2020, in response to the needs of company development,we expanded our factory area and then updated the company name to ZHEJIANG ERHUI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ZHEJIANG ERHUI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, Original named Taizhou City Huangyan Huaping Household Appliances Co.,Ltd, was founded in Jan.,1992, which was specializing in manufacturing plastic household items, such as sewing box, Acrylic fruit plate, plastic Trash Can and so on. By virtue of creativity and quality, the company opened domestic market successfully. The company was seeking innovational development. In 2005, the company set design-research-development-producing as one of its own factory base officially completed. It laid the industrial foundation for future development. In 2007, the first step trash bin designed and researched by the company`s team was put into mass production successfully. The hot sales volume opened a new situation for the company`s development. With the rapid development of the Internet, the company`s R&D team accurately grasping the leading wind direction of the intelligent market, turned to intelligent products in time, combining the company`s center product-trash bin. In 2013, the first intelligent induction garbage can has been officially produced, which was extremely popular by the humanbeings. In 2014, the company`s 430 stainless steel sensor trash bins matured. The brand of JAH was formally established. It takes the responsibility of advocating quality life to enter the brand market and focus on the household cleaning products. The core of [JAH" is [Wisdom". The brand integrates regional and international strategy, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Europe, Japan,Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and so on. The company focused on the products` design, research and development all the time. Beside, the company launches over 40 kind of items or so every year. In 2020, the company launched the Sensor Trash Bin with UV/ OZone sanitizing function. And in the future, we are going to launch the sanitizing untensils for kitchenware. And the company won`t stop its step to design& research wisdom products for yours. JAH is extremely willing to share comfortable life with you with its wisdom.
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  • If you spend an hour in the kitchen everyday, then there are 15days in a year. In other words, for a lifetime, there are 1050 days for you to stay in the kitchen! The kitchen is always the most important corner of life in your home. Reasonable layout can make the kitchen look neater But a good arrangement must need a nice storage method. Studies have shown that disorder at home can lead to irritability. If you want to control your own life, you must first control every detail of your home and embed various objects in an "orderly" world. This will help you improve your quality of life and enhance your happiness in life. Next, we would like to share some useful goods for kitchen to enhance your life happiness. 01 Kitchen In-cabinet Wall-mounted Trash Can The stainless steel design also makes the kitchen more beautiful and advanced, and cleaning is also very easy. The wall-mounted design does no
  • Food is perishable, especially in summer. In winter, all meals can be kept and placed outside for one night.But in summer, the food will become smelly just placing the meals outside for a while. We will always throw these wet kitchen waste into the rubbish bin. If you don`t clean it in time, there will be small flying insects or even bugs in the trash can, and the kitchen will smell bad. Except for the kitchen, this is true for the bathroom and the trash can in the bedroom. In addition to cleaning regularly every day, we also need more ways to remove the peculiar smell in the trash can. Such as, we could place some odour filters inside the bucket to reduce the moisture and odours inside the bin. I am willing to share you some items we produce with built-in odour filter placement to place the odours as follow:
  • In June,2019, ERHUI TECHNOLOGY's predecessor,TAIZHOU CITY HUANGYAN HUAPING HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE CO.,LTD participated Tendnece in the Frankfurt exhibition centre in Germany.
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